Thursday, June 26, 2014

              About 24 hours before I board the plane to head to Argentina and I find myself amazingly calm and relaxed. My bag is packed ( a carry on only ) with USA items to trade and/share that will not be coming home with me. I actually have space left .... I mean the lid of the case closed  and there was no stress. I am watching the USA World Cup game knowing that I am headed into a wild and crazy world of soccer in South America and wondering what types of adventures all my various country soccer gear will bring. I am starting to think that the international side of travel is becoming almost second nature and easier because I know what to take and what to leave home. All the important documents are copied ( several times ) and placed in various locations in my luggage so I feel pretty comfortable with that as well.
            I have found the time to jot down a few things for Steve to remember since I have taken care of a bunch of others. It is our anniversary ( 38 years ) : where does the time fly and how is it possible because I am still feeling rather spry and chipper..... At least I am home today , first time in about 5 years and of course it is a workday for Steve and he has will be all good though.............. headed for my walk after the game and a few other things before getting some anniversary food together........ later gators!


  1. I imagine you are in Argentina by now. Have a wonderful time... learn a lot... and share it with us.

  2. Oh, and, take care and come back safely!